1. Rebuilding Homes – Rebuilding Hopes

Its been a year already past since the massive Earthquake2015 and there are still many families waiting for the support to rebuild their homes struggling from the rain and cold.

Most of these families are from deprived casts, without owing a inch of land in there possessions. The relief aid provided by government to rebuild requires the ownership of lands. Lack of alternate policy for them has created a terrible situation for their living. The government, hampered by red tape and political turmoil, has only begun to approve projects but nearly all of the pledged funds remain in the hands of the donors, unused.

We are working for such families from the Chattre Deurali, Dhading. A not so remote but isolated village nearby Kathmandu. So far we have build seventeen (17) shelters with the donations received from several generous donors (local and overseas), build 8 (Eight) common toilets and distributed seventeen (17) clean water poly tanks from the collection of sales of pictures (Photo) through our  “Nepal is Beautiful” Photo Exhibition.

There are still many families around the nearby villages looking for similar support. We have collected the rough data through our initial survey about the number of homes to  be built and cost estimations. Now we are looking for the fund to start and hence we request you for your generous donations.

We will be updating each and every details of the fund received and works done through our REPORT section of this website and our FaceBook page.

“Live like a tree, giving, forgiving and free.” – D. Mridha
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2. Re-establishment

For the families who are living on the earning of whole day work, savings are a dream routine. There are many families who survive earning from whole day work, hardly fulfilling the two full meals.  The catastrophe due to the massive Earthquake2015, not only damaged their roofs, it damaged their working tools and earning mediums along with their hopes of living also.

Dhading-3466Considering the situation during our Project Rebuilding Dhading, we verified few families who had no single options to survive further and donated five (5) Sewing Machines so far with the help of donors (local and overseas). We are constantly looking for more donors to drive ahead this project and support more families.

“One must be poor to know the luxury of giving.” – George Eliot
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3. Donate your Birthday

Want to experience this new thing in your life ? Then plan your next birthday or your children’s birthday celebration with  the Children’s of “Disable Home” Khokana. It will be an unusual experience for you all, fusion of joy and sorrow. The Delightful faces with chocolates on their hands and the curios faces on seeing new visitors will be the feeling couldn’t be expressed on writing.


Fifty-six multi aged kids; full of innocence and kindness won’t miss their chance to offer you learn sign language too. Although it will be a short time to be spent, but the feeling will be virtuous on both sides.

Meet Mr. Dayaram Maharjan – the director of home, one can realize that humanity has not vanished from this world. It is a challenging responsibility to care and handle these children’s with such love and care and he proved to be the best one for this.

Be a part of this joy, even if you can not be there, donate us to collect foods, milk, stationaries, books and other stuffs for them.

“That’s it. Love makes us all strong.” – E.A. Bucchianeri
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4. Donate Sports goods to the rural children

Sport touches many aspects of children’s life – their health and well-being, their social networks and their sense of social connectedness. Organized sport can help children grow, giving them a sense of achievement while building teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, and communications skills. Sport also enables children to channel their energy, competitiveness and aggression in socially beneficial ways. Improving health through sport and other forms of physical activity may reduce future health-care costs for their family and build lasting habits of physical fitness while combating the growing problem of childhood obesity.


Unfortunately, many children’s residing at rural part of our country lack this opportunity. “A child’s access to sports shouldn’t depend on where the child lives or where the parents work,” but in practical, the financial issues of their families can’t afford even a minimal sports items to their children.

So, help us raise some funds to buy Footballs, Volleyballs, Badminton Rackets and other sports items for them.

“Fundraising is an extreme sport!” – Marc A. Pitman
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