We are a non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) registered under Nepal Government’s Social Council Act; working with locals and volunteers hand in hand to overcome from various dimensions of natural and social disasters.


PAST – How it started?

It all started during the #Nepalearthquake2015, when everyone were shocked and mourning the biggest disaster caused by nature as an Earthquake of 7.8 magnitude; we all didn’t limit our self to the stage of shock; instead we all came out in the field and as individuals submerged our-self on the pool of volunteers working for relief. From rescuing the victims under the rumble to assisting the medical teams on first-aid camps, we all were running here and there individually. Later on, realising the lesser impact of individual effort, we decided to unite and work together for the bigger impact, and that is how this “The Country Needs US” team formed to an action.

Although we are from diverse field of work but are bonded together with a common interest of Photography. We love to capture the artistic monuments, beautiful landscapes and nature with a sole purpose of spreading its beauty and majesty among the people living in this world. But the recent turn of events has shown us that nothing is more majestic; nothing is more beautiful than the goodness of human heart. Nothing in the wild nature compares to the beauty of people selflessly helping each other in times of need. If nature is beautiful, altruistic acts are sublime.

After this biggest catastrophe we realised that it’s a time for us to do in return where we had made so many beautiful photographs in its time of glory. As the popular Nepali song “Gaun Gaun Bata Utha” appeals, we believe that we can all make a difference in our own capacity to mitigate the trauma that this disaster #Nepalquake2015 has inflicted upon us. And so, we have started to help, philanthropy, solidarity, support, rescue, and spread love in this difficult time. We wish to inspire you all with the pictures, stories of love, charity, unity, rescue, support, rebuilding and above all hope !

PRESENT – Who we are

“The Country Needs Us (TCNU)” is volunteer network of like-minded youths dedicated to responding to natural and man-made disasters in Nepal. Our aim is to assist the most vulnerable community members, individuals, and families who would not otherwise have the means to recover. TCNU volunteers – men and women, youth and adults – provide the skills and labor needed to respond, rebuild and restore in the wake of a disaster.

TCNU is known for having a collaborative spirit, and we work with other groups including faith-based organisations, local recovery committees, and both governmental and non-governmental agencies.


As TCNU moves forward, efforts are being made to create a more agile, flexible response with a focus on local connections and young highly motivated volunteers. This can serve to be effective in the ever-changing world of disaster response, while at the same time maintaining a commitment to compassionate, playful care that supports resilience and healing for the families served.

Our Team

Ajay Rana Bhat


Raju Gautam

Vice - Chairman

Bishal Gautam

Secretary General

Bishoka Mulmi


Binita Oli


Razni Singh


Amish Shrestha


Sanjay Ranabhat


Abhishek Bahadur Shah



For your support and donations;

Our Banking Detail is as below,

A/C Name : The Country Needs Us
A/C No. : 00115188693
Siddhartha Bank Ltd.
Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Swift Code: SIDDNPKA