We started a unique project “Student Motivation Program” – A scientifically designed program targeted to the youths of +2 and Bachelors of different colleges of Nepal entirely based on youth psychology to ensure them a healthy, happy and meaningful life. As we all know, our nation is passing through many crises, the role of our youths should have been prominent. Opposite of our expectation, our youths are badly crippled in minor issues like relationship problem, drug addiction, personal and family problems and many more. These cumulative problems in our youths and their inability to tackle them have led to production of such a passive youths who hardly can contribute to this great nation.

Our expert speaker / motivator of this program assists young students to disentangle themselves from various social and personal distractions and get them well motivated. This program has been circulated on various colleges of Nepal and so far we have successfully completed on Twenty (20) different colleges.

Together, let us realize a dream of a nation with cultured, well-mannered and nationalistic youths.

List of colleges where we have successfully conducted our sessions:

  1. Trinity International College.
  2. Rajdhani Model College.
  3. Citizen College.
  4. Classic College International.
  5. Central College of Management.
  6. Liberty College.
  7. Columbus College.
  8. Grammer Public High School.
  9. Sagarmatha College.
  10. K & K International College.
  11. Jagat Mandir Higher Secondary School.
  12. Madan Bhandari Memorial College.
  13. Sahid Ramnath Multiple Campus.
  14. Babylon National Higher Secondary School.
  15. Lincoln International College.
  16. Norvic Business College.
  17. Kathford International College.
  18. Gyan Niketan Higher Secondary School.
  19. Platinum Management College.
  20. Kadambari Memorial College.