On the 3rd day from the date of Earthquake2015, we headed towards Bungamati Village at Lalitpur; a beautiful small isolated village, rich in traditions, culture and monuments, although not so far from Kathmandu. The place was badly damaged including loss of lives. Old monuments stood beautifully before were crumbled down. The old houses were not able to bear the intensity of the quake. Based on site status and communications with locals, we decided to work in the following order (1st) Remove the obstacles from the access roads (2nd) Help recover valuables and grains, foods from the ruble and save. (3rd) Build temporary houses for the families who were not able to build themselves.

Removing debris and obstacles:  Bungamati

Valuables, Foods and Grains Recovery:  Bungamati

Rebuilding: Phase -I Bungamati

For more details on our Rebuilding -Bungamati Project, please follow us on our Facebook Page. We have posted Day by Day works and progress with visuals as a reference.