Nepal was beautiful, is beautiful and will remain beautiful forever….

Nepal – the landlocked country, paradise on earth with Mt. EVEREST, 8,848 meters high – the tallest Mountain in the world and having eight of the world’s ten highest peaks on a single range of mountains, blessed as a birth place of GAUTAM BUDDHA, a mystical land containing four UNESCO world heritage sites, a sacred place of KUMARI – the only living goddess in this world, the only country with non rectangular flag with more than 120 ethnic groups, cultures, languages living harmoniously, concentrating 8 % of world’s bird species and 6 % of world’s Rhododendron species and many more. 

From snow – capped mountains to green and gorgeous hills and from magnificent low land to beautiful valley there lies the most scenic beauty that any man or mortal can ever witness. Not only god gifted beauty but also the timeless historical monuments all across, amazing smiles of people we see in the streets and villages, the rich and wide culture that amazes everyone are the true testimony that Nepal is a real jewel. Nepal has not lost any charm even after the worst natural disaster that the country has seen in this century.

With the theme “Nepal is Beautiful”; We “The Country Needs Us” team started exhibiting pictures from the talented photographers, curated by legendary photographers of Nepal to promote the destination worldwide and to help spread a positive message that travelling to Nepal with the magnificent Himalayan range, alpine lakes, rivers, hills, different languages, culture and traditional lifestyle is fascinating and safe.

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