From the moment followed by Earthquake 2015, we involved our-self as a volunteer on locations where people were panic and decision-less for the survival. We helped them to select the safer space to stay, helped them create a temporary shelter with tarpaulins and other household items, we advised them the safety rules to stay safe verbally and through quick posters and notes, we arranged drinking water treatment methods (PIYUSH and Filters), we distributed Oral Rehydration packets and other pain relief tablets as for the immediate response. Some of our members donated blood and some members arranged the quick foods and liquids for the victims.

Day 1 – 2 at Teaching Hospital as a medical volunteer, Day 3 Blood donations, Day 4 – 5 at Bhaktapur with support from NASA Bullet Club for distributing foods, water, purifiers and cleaning the temporary location of stay, Day 6 at Sankhu for sanitation awareness and works, Day 7 at Harisiddi -Lalitpur for sanitation awareness and works, food distribution, Day 8 Sankhu (Lele-Lalitpur) for sanitation awareness and works, health camp with medicines supported by Mr. Roshan Shrestha (Biratnagar) and masks, water purifiers distribution, Day 9 at Kirtipur for sanitation awareness and works, Day 10 at Menthikot (Bhakundebesi) with Health camp supported by Mr. Sangesh Shrestha (Orthopedica) and sanitation program.

Day 11th at Khokana – we planned to setup tents for those who lost their house completely without having any other place to live further. But seems the people here were lucky enough to have other options even after the loss of their house. While talking to victims we realised the need of human resources to recover foods and grains stored from the rumble, so that, they will have something to eat. For this we identified a house who had no young family members as a helping hand and we began to clear the rumbles. A whole day work and our reward was recovery of about 60Kgs of grains, nearly 20Kgs of Beaten Rice and some valuables under the rumble.

Day 12 onwards Bungamati
Having a lots of appreciations and blessings for this recovery works from Khokana, we moved ahead to Bungamati. We called for more volunteers and started working with victimised families to recover their foods/grains from the rumble and helped locals to clear the blocked road for ten (10) more days.