Many schools running at remote villages of Nepal lacks basic needs in education. Children need to walk for hours to reach their schools in these remote areas. Since most of the students do not own proper bags, they have to walk with books under their arms or in plastic bags, carrying them the whole hard way through a hilly region. Our Schoolbag-Project aims to facilitate these children’s way to school, bringing a bit of normality back into their school life. We  identify and co-work with such school authorites to support these childrens. We also need to equip them with other school needs like text books because they can not afford to have them. These bags and other essential needs will enable us to teach and make them to become well trained.


One such school we have identified for the support is Shree Kamala Devi Ma. Vi. of Gokulganga -5, Namadi, Ramechap.These fifty children have got a school but do not have school bags and other educational needs to help them keep up with their studies. 


We buy school bags and distribute to them as the school reopens and also identify some of the crucial needs like pens, pencils and calculators, etc. and hand over to them so that they can be well equip for the next academic years.

Long-Term Impact:

A school bag can be used for two to three years while a good Calculator can also be used for years. The high impact is that these children will feel a touch of care and that there are some people out there who cares about them. This will encourage them to be studious.

How to Donate?

1. Cash
2. Western Union or other transfers
3. Bank transfer
Account No: 00115188693
Swift Code: SIDDNPKA
Whats in the Bag?

1. School Bag: 1 Made of high-quality waterproof material, multi-stitched belts for extra durability.
2. Copies 40 
3. Pen & Ink 2 Two Ink pens and Two bottles of Ink.
4. Pencils 12
5. Colour Pencils 5 Packs 
6. Eraser 5
7. Sharpener 5
8. Scale (Ruler) 2 One Small and One Large
9. Geometry Box 1 Including – Compass, Protectors, etc.
10. Loose Sheets 1 Bundle: having 50 sheets of large papers.
11. Water Bottle 1 

“No one has ever become poor by giving. ” – Anne Frank
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